CEO's speech

 MAHDARU  Company with a wealth of years of experiences and with new collaborative management under experienced and dynamic personnel  attempts in line with job creation and quantitative and qualitative increase of medical, sanitary, cosmetic and therapeutic productions in order to provide optimal services and customer satisfaction has put its head on.

In scientific and practical executing, continuous improving and increasing production based on the world standards regulations & criteria 2000-ISO 9001 will work in the following areas:

1-      Modifying and upgrading executive and work processes in all levels of organization

2-      Scientific analysis based on statistical methods for planning & quantitative and qualitative increase of products

3-      Striving in the direction of preventing waste expenses and minimizing wastes by benefiting innovative methods

4-      Designing and implementing scientific projects in order to continuously improve and quality continuous development

5-      Creating a secure , sunny and joyful working environment to preserve and improve the employees motivation and attracting their cooperation

6-      Improving level of organizational culture and promoting specialized and technical knowledge of the employee under holding educational sessions, negotiation and paying attention to their ideas.

7-       Objective and practical implementing of customer orientation and paying attention to requisites, complaints of the customers

8-      Striving for quantitative and qualitative development of products for creating and diversifying items  based on market demand

9-      Striving for preserving environment and active cooperation  , supplying the citizen health and cleanness of work place


In accordance with importance of the above-mentioned items, I regarding the social , organizational and occupational responsibilities with comprehending and understanding scientific modern management principles and complete acquaintance with criteria & world standards 2000-ISO 9001, undertook myself and all employees of organization to execute quality policy and defined goals and will endure continuous and effective efforts in preservation it. It is clear that the important duties of supervision on good performance of management system in all steps is bound of R&D Department and Chairman of the Board, Dr. Taher Mahdlou , who is responsible for presenting completed report about all the progress affairs to the manager director and ensuring continuity of implementation of quality policy statement & requisite review in the sessions common between managers and plan  executors (Management Reviewing Sessions) .


Wishing ever more success of the employees and promotion and excellence of the company


Managing director

Sedigheh Paknejad


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